Monday, March 1, 2010

Someone to Believe in You

This morning, I had bible study. Good news? I finally got my sister to come. She's not as strong in her faith as I am, and I'm not even sure if she knows what she believes.

It took somewhat of a bribe to get her there, but I'm glad she came. All I wanted was for her to try it. At least once. I'm not sure if she enjoyed it at all, but getting her to come is the first step. I don't think she really knows that much about God, and it's not fair to her if she never gets the chance to learn..

When we got there, we tried to figure out what to talk about. We decided on "Who is Jesus, and what did He do?" My sister's answer was that she didn't know, and Briana gave her answer. I didn't think it was a hard question, but I guess for my sister, it was.

Anyway, I have this book called He Chose the Nails by Max Lucado (I have a few by him), and it's got some really great stuff in there. It's all about who Jesus is, and what His crucifixion meant for us. We are preparing ourselves for Easter, and I thought this would be a great place to start :) I feel like knowing who Christ is will give us a better chance at understanding the amazing sacrifice He gave.

On the way back home from the bible study, I was talking to my sister about her faith. She gave every excuse as to why she's either not a bad person, or she tried to defend what little faith she has. I was trying to explain to her that the lifestyle that she is living isn't what God wants for us. Yes, He gave us life, and He gave us free will, but not choosing Him has deathly consequences. While I was talking, she became quiet. I told her that I couldn't save her, and that nothing in our lives are as important as God is.

When we pulled in front of the apartments, she remained in the car.

I started to cry as I said: I don't want to have to stand next to you in front of God, and listen to Him tell you that you have to go the other way, because you thought that your life was more important.

I didn't know if she said it, but the next thing I heard was: Are you sad?

And then she got out of the car, and went inside. She never looked back...

For the first time in I don't know how long, my sister had nothing to say. I know that I can't save her, or change her mind; only God can do that. But I can pray...

But I will not give up on her.

I won't.




  1. Wow Aysha, like you said it was just a step towards the right direction. now it is up to her whether to choose or not. your supplying the connection so to speak by sharing the word and your doing your part. like you said you cant save her, only Jesus can. Your doing Gods will ordained to you and thats all you can do. At least she came and she listened. to however much or however little. Im glad she did come, regardless of bribery but she was there. I enjoyed my time and I cant wait until Wednesday. hopefully something changes within her. i love you girl. keep your head up


with love.