Monday, March 1, 2010

"In Those Three Hours" - Original Poem

I wrote this poem last night (2/28/10), after thinking about what Jesus went through on the cross. For three hours, from noon until 3pm, He was abandoned by the world, and He was abandoned by His Father.

Imagine how you would have felt...

Lord, what were you thinking in those three hours?
Were you begging and pleading your Father
To rescue you from your pain; to find another way?
Or with those thoughts did you not even bother?

Lord, what were you feeling in those three hours?
From noon until the clock struck three?
Were you burdened with fear of knowing the end was near?
Or was your soul crying out for me?

You could have called down every angel above,
But you knew that this was the only way
For my soul, you stayed in your place,
You suffered the torture and pain.

In those three hours, you wept like a child
And your precious lifeblood was lost.
Even though I don't deserve your mercy,
You considered me worth the cost.

In those three hours, you were forsaken
Your Father couldn't bear to look at your face.
But as you said, "It is finished," your spirit was lifted,
And you're now seated on the throne of grace.




with love.