Monday, March 29, 2010

"His Hands" - Original Poem

I wrote this poem today. I was thinking about the concepts of Love, Faith and Hope.

This is the result.


Stretched out on a tree.
Encompassing the world.
Visible and unknown.

Piercing, aching.
Savior of souls.
His love pours out.


Belief in a name.
Trust in a whisper.
Forever and always the same.

Beginning and end.
Keeper of souls.
Open your eyes wider.


In the return.
A chance of everlasting.
For our savior we yearn.

Promises unbroken.
Collection of souls.
Praise shall never end.

Without love, there is no faith.
Without faith, there is no hope.
These hands hold it all.

Sacrifice bore love.
Through love, faith was born.
In faith, hope is bred.

Nails bore blood.
Through blood, tears were born.
In tears, a promise was bred.

His promise.
It was in His hands.
In His hands, His promise stretched out.

Love that is eternal.
Faith that is enduring.
Hope that is everlasting.

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