Monday, March 8, 2010

Crown of Glory

Have you ever thought of God's promise to you? Have you ever thought about the Crown of Thorns? I found this picture, and I think it gives an idea of what our Savior did for us.

Both the Romans and the Jews wanted Him dead. His own people, the Jews, rejected Him. They joined in the mocking. They joined in the torture.

Why the crown? Why thorns?

Jesus called Himself the 'King of the Jews.' So as an act of mockery, they decided to give Him a crown. Not a crown that is fit for a King. But a crown intended to inflict pain. Draw blood. His blood.

A crown of thorns.

Do you realize how much Christ went through for us? In the book we are going through in my Bible study, by Max Lucado, called He Chose the Nails, it says that the only required act to save us, was shed blood. But Jesus did so much more.

He wore that crown of thorns. He felt the piercing in His skull. He felt the blood dripping down His face. And you know what amazes me? He still stayed there. He could have called down the angels out of heaven. But He didn't.

So the next time you think you're going through something that seems to hard to bear, remember Jesus. He went through so much more. He took those thorns, so that one day, we could stand before Him, be with Him, forever.

In His rightful Crown of Glory.




  1. The way you write and describe your thoughts in your posts are very touching. I always look forward to what your next post will be. This one really got to me.


with love.