Friday, February 26, 2010

"Ordinary Girl" - Original Poem

I wrote this poem today. It's about who I am as a person & the things I've come to find. I thought that I would share it with you :) I hope you enjoy it!

I'm no ordinary girl;
I don't belong to this place.
My Father reigns from up above,
He is the King of Grace.

I couldn't get there on my own,
The way is paved to Hades.
For my sin forced separation;
But my Lord, My Jesus saved me.

I'm no ordinary girl;
On the outside I appear just like you.
It's the inner workings of my soul,
That Christ has made brand new.

Do you wonder who He is?
Or do you wonder what He did,
To make me speak about Him
To give the Glory that is His?

He walked this earth as you and I;
Spoke of eternal life up above.
He was sent here for a purpose.
For every human, He would bleed love.

Beaten, bruised and broken;
By His stripes, He gave us life.
Our burdens, He took as His own;
For our sins, He paid the price.

A crown of thorns and pierced with nails,
He was crucified on Calvary.
I was worth enough to endure the pain,
My Jesus suffered for me.

"Father, forgive them;
For they know not what they do."
My Savior prayed from the cross,
As a final plea for mercy for me and you.

I'm no ordinary girl;
I was bought for a price.
Through broken skin, His blood poured out;
Christ died for us that night.

And yet you won't give Him
The honor He is due.
He made eternity available.
He sacrificed His life for you.

The scriptures say that in the end
Every tongue shall confess,
That Jesus Christ is Lord of All
His righful glory, He shall possess.

I'm no ordinary girl;
I don't have any fears,
For I will preach the name of Jesus,
Until the whole world hears.



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