Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Everlasting Life" - Original Poem

This poem that I wrote today has to do with the concept of everlasting life.

Everlasting life.

An idea that you can't fathom;
The mind just can't contain it.
But with Jesus as Lord and Savior,
You're able to attain it.

God exists outside of time,
For it is His creation.
And one day every knee will bow
From every tribe, tongue and nation.

This human life, you put a price
On how well you can live it.
Trying to outdo your peers
While the point, you've seemed to miss it.

It's not about who looks the best,
Or the kind of car you drive.
It's about the place you put your faith,
For which we all should strive.

In the end, God won't care
What excuse you make.
Fact is, you sinned, now you won't live
Even when Christ died for your sake.

Why not live for Christ and give yourself
The chance at everlasting.
For your trust and faith in His Son's Name,
Is all God was ever asking.



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