Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's Make a List...

Today I held my bible study with my friend, Briana. Because we didn't really go there with any decided plan, we came up with the topic of: What do we do in our daily lives that dishonor God? Good question, right? I think it's so easy for us to come up with a few things, but not really dig down and find what the real problems are.

We went in trying to come up with 30 things, but in the end, we came up with 57. I was really surprised, but excited all the same! I thought that I would share the list, so that hopefully, after reading some of these things, it will make you more aware of the things that you do, and in turn, make you less likely to do them.

I mean, in society today, so many things (the movies, the media, music, the government, and for some of us, even the church) are not seen as sin anymore, and so people are okay with what they are doing. When we came up with the list, we then went ahead and found the bible verses that went against the sin, and what we could do to correct those problems.

Some of the things on this list are things that I'm guilty of, and I have no problem saying that, because I'm human. But now that I am aware of what I do, it's making me conscious enough to pay attention to my life.

Here is the list:

1. Swearing
2. Not reading the Bible daily
3. Not praying consistently
4. Using God's name in vain
5. Disrespecting authorities/elders
6. Not going to church regularly
7. Bodily harm
8. Ungodly thoughts
9. Stealing
10. Jealousy
11. Gossip/slander
12. Not helping those in need
13. Homosexuality
14. Using promises (I swear on ...)
15. Secular music/movies/media
16. Not evangelizing/spreading the Word
17. Wishing harm on other people/cursing others
18. Pride/selfishness
19. Lust
20. Sexual promiscuity/immorality
21. Wanting to be like others/not happy with self
22. Not loving others or enemies
23. Marital affairs/adultery
24. Not forgiving people
25. Lying/dishonesty/deception
26. Idolatry
27. Being lukewarm
28. Anger
29. Giving in to temptation
30. Murder
31. Making fun of others/mocking
32. Hatred
33. Going to bed angry
34. Judging others
35. Yoking ourselves with non-believers
36. Betrayal
37. Bribery
38. Putting money before God
39. Breaking promises
40. Divorce
41. Not giving first thoughts in the morning to God
42. Addictions
43. Drunkenness
44. No faith
45. Borrowing, without returning (money, etc.)
46. Pornography
47. Hypocrisy
48. Criticism of others
49. Seeking revenge/payback
50. Arrogance
51. Laziness
52. Fighting/provoking arguments
53. Greed
54. Ungratefulness
55. Not honoring your body as a temple
56. Impatience
57. Use of middle finger

Those are what we came up with :) If you have any that you would like to add, feel free to leave a comment and let me know, or use the link on the side of the page, find me on facebook, and send me a message :)



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  1. Wow I am still amazed at how hard we thought it was to come up with 30 and than before you know it we were going up to 50 and than added some more as we went along. it is amazing and i am learning so much. Thanks Aysha for being my light to better understanding


with love.