Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Compassion" - Original Poem

This poem that I wrote was inspired by my grandma, Donna.

I asked her to give me a topic, and she chose 'Compassion.'

This is the result.

How would you define compassion?
A strong drive or feeling in your heart?
The help you send to those in need?
Or could you define it at all?

It's a burning desire to take away pain
From those who need it most.
And my Savior proved this on Calvary;
He sacrificed Himself, His arms spread to each coast.

The night the veil was torn,
He drank in the world's sin.
With His everlasting love,
His compassion flowed from Him.

With every stripe He thought of us,
And prayed to His Father up above.
As He was lifted up for the world to see,
All He proved was love.

His compassion is never failing,
He already paid the price.
So that one day you and I
Could walk with Him in white.

So how would you define compassion?
A deep hunger that hopes for us?
I know a man who defines it well,
And His name is Christ Jesus.



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