Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sin: Is There a Gray Area?

Do you ever think about your sin? I know lately for me, it's become a lot of what I think about. Not actually DOING it (or trying my best not to), but wondering about it.

It's common thought that if something is out of sight, it's out of mind. But that is not how it works with sin. Or people think that if someone murders someone, that their lie isn't that bad. That isn't how it works either. Or how about when people try to blur the lines of what constitutes as a sin..."Oh, this is okay I'm sure." Wrong again.

All of these excuses won't gain you entrance to Heaven. There isn't a gray area for sin, although many try to make it that way. Society has deemed so many things acceptable, which are direct violations of Biblical laws.

Example: America was founded on the idea of religious freedom. A place that we could worship freely. Things were fine, but when people started realizing that they could do things without a king watching over them, the rules began to bend.

The rules have been bent so much that what used to be a bold sin, has now become something that we don't even flinch at. Think about murder. This used to be such a horrific act, and it gained attention. And now on the news, we hear about daily. And not just one person, but hundreds, or thousands. Our world has become so desensitized to God's laws that they are being broken without hindrance.

But there will soon come a day when people will have to atone for what they have done. And there isn't going to be anyone standing next to them to blame. You can't tell God, "Well she did it too," or "But I wasn't as bad as him." You're going to have to stand there on your own, and account for your sins. And I'm going to as well.

This is why we should be more aware of our use of sins. God doesn't weigh sins. One sin isn't worse than another. So telling a lie is weighed the same AS murdering someone. Nothing more and nothing less.

Think about that one.



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