Thursday, September 30, 2010

31 Days of October

For the past few days, I’ve felt God calling me to read the book of Isaiah. I didn’t have a clue as to why, and I still don’t know why, but I’ve learned that when God calls you to do something, it’s best to be obedient. I’ve spent a lot of my faith thinking that I’m hearing what God speaks to me, but much of the time, they are my own selfish desires. Either that, or I’m disobedient to what God wants for me. So what I’ve planned out, is reading the book of Isaiah over the month of October.
Quick Facts:
  1. Isaiah contains 66 chapters
  2. Each day of October, I will be reading 2 or 3 chapters (one day, I will be reading 1 chapter)
  3. I will write down my observations
  4. I will reflect on what God wants me to understand within the passage
Through this, I encourage you to come alongside me, learn with me, experience the passages with me. Reading God’s Word is one of the ways that we can truly come to know who God is and the divine plan that He has for each one of us.

I have always been intrigued by Isaiah, especially Isaiah 53 (the suffering Servant). I feel that I am finally at a point in my life where I am seeking to hear God and am more able to understand the things within His Word.

Prayers during this time of seeking God through His Word:
  • Understanding of the passages
  • Discernment; filtering out the lies of the world and focusing in on God’s truth and reality
  • Openness to learning new things
  • Entering His Word with a fresh, child-like faith
I am excited for what God has in store for the next month.

I will be praying that you will use this month to draw closer to God as well. He is a stable, unchanging God, but there is always more that we can learn about Him. I will also pray that you would consider joining me on this journey.

If you decide to, let me know, so that we can walk through it together –

If you get behind, don’t worry about it.

In His service, I wish you blessings.

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