Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Cancer Inside is Stealing My Sleep

This is going to be a short post, and a prayer request more than anything.

The title of this post is from the song 'Undo' by FFH.

Why these specific words?

Well, a few months ago a really good friend and co-worker of my mother found out that her cancer had returned. After 3 years of being in remission from breast cancer, she found out that not only had it come back, it had returned so much stronger than the first time. This time, it's not her breasts that are affected. It's her lungs and her spine, and more recently, her pelvis.

Throughout this whole ordeal, she has found it easier to turn away from God and try to battle this on her own.

This cancer has taken over her body, and the prognosis isn't good. She has a 16 year old son who would be left behind, and I think, more than anything, her emotions stem from not being able to have enough time left with him. He's a very strong person, but it's not easy to lose a parent, under any circumstances.

With that being said, I'm asking any and all people to pray for her; to pray these things:

- That she would let God back into her life and allow His will to be done in her life

- That she would surrender her life, instead of putting up walls and shutting people out

- That she would feel the peace of God wash over her, while she battles this cancer that is stealing her sleep

- That her pain would subside and that she can enjoy her son & the moments that they have

- If it be the will of God that she is taken from us too soon, that in the process she would know that God is watching over & protecting her

It's never easy to discuss death, and it's even harder to talk about when we are the ones dying. But the reality is, we are all dying. We all just die at different times, different speeds, different walks of life. I've learned through this woman that life is too short to be angry at people. Too short to be angry at God for the circumstances and cards that we were dealt in life. It's too short to do anything but love with our whole heart and glorify the name of the Lord for even THINKING of creating such a race as humankind.

And for those of us who are dealing, not with a physical form of cancer, but a spiritual form of cancer (sin coursing through our veins), I pray that each of us would be aware of the fact that although we feel like we are stuck with no way out, and when we feel like we are at an end that's approaching too fast - that we would remember this:

The cancerous sin that has invaded our lives has already been removed from our bodies; gone from our skin, eyes, ears, lungs, hearts, mind and soul.
  • So that we can touch those with our hands & heal them as Christ did.
  • So that we can see them for the person that they are and love them regardless.
  • So that we can hear not only the worship of those around us, but also the cries and pain of those in suffering.
  • So that we can shout out praise to our heavenly Father with lungs that are filled with love.
  • So that our hearts would break for those who are less here on earth.
  • So that our minds would be fixed on Christ and honor Him by keeping His commands.
  • And finally, so that at the end of the age, we can rest assured that our souls are safe in the righteous hand of our Lord and Savior.
My heart is breaking for this woman. I will leave her anonymous out of respect.

Please keep her in your prayers, and all of those who find it easier to dismiss God in their times of suffering rather than seek Him and call on His Holy Name.




  1. I will keep her and all struggling with cancer in my prayers

  2. Lifted her up in agreement with your prayers.


with love.