Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Save Me From Myself" - Original Poem

Enjoy, my friends!

I’m fragile, I’m broken.
I’ve been scarred by many sins.
I’ve been told over and over
That death gives way to new life again.

But how can I believe
When I feel so unworthy?
My shame hides in the shadows;
My guilt has overrun me.

There’s a light at the end
Of the tunnel, they say.
That the one who is the Light
Answers when we pray.

To you, I fall upon
Knees that are so weak
Your glory has overcome me
My lips tremble when I speak.

“Holy One, I come to you now,
Asking you to love me.
My burdens are great;
I’ve been so weary on my journey.

I can’t begin to understand
The depths of your great love,
But you have promised me
Mercy, fallen from above.

Save me from myself,
Jesus, place your hands around me.
Save me from the world
That wants to keep me here so badly.”



1 comment:

  1. I so feel like I have uttered these words so many times too


with love.