Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Love. Laugh. Live.

I recently got into a terrible fight with my mother and grandmother. Hurtful things were said, and there were days without speaking. I was sure that this was the end our relationships.

But as of today, my mother's birthday, things have been mended.

God is amazing.

I’ve prayed that things would get better, if not better than they were before.

It’s amazing to me, the different ways that God speaks to people. For me, it happens in song lyrics, Bible verses, words of encouragement from other people, etc. They will be repeated over and over and over, until I finally understand what God is trying to tell me.

Recently, it’s been:
Isaiah 40:31 — But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.
 I’ve wondered time and time again what God was trying to say. At one point, I thought I understood. I thought God was saying that I needed to rest, relax and wait upon Him to call me. But after things that have happened recently with my family, I finally understand. It’s all about trusting God. Yes, in part, it’s about learning to be patient, but with that patience, comes trust. I haven’t trusted God completely with my life. I may say that I do, because at that moment in time, I feel like I have, but with this family situation, it was something that I’ve been trying to figure out on my own for so long.

I needed to hand it over to God. Trust that He would handle it; in His own time. Money problems, friend issues..all of it. I was trying to work them out on my own, and when it wasn’t happening, I was forcing myself to believe that it’s because it wasn’t God’s time yet. But I feel like He has been telling me to give everything up. Completely.

Trust in Him. Only then can I find peace. Run and not grow weary. Walk and not faint. I can’t wait until that day :)

Apart from Isaiah 40:31, a song has been standing out to me. When I get in my car, it’s playing. When I have tuned out every other song, this song comes on, and my attention refocuses. It’s called ‘Blink’ by Revive.

It’s about how our lives happen in a blink. They happen in a flash. By the time we look back, it’s over. We can’t stop time as hard as we may try, so we have to love. Our lives should be spent loving, living and laughing. This recent situation with my family has really made this song mean so much more to me. I love my family, so much, but so many times I hurt them. It’s not intentional, but if I approached things with love, then the outcome would have been so much better than the result of this past time.

In all, I’m so grateful to God for the things that He’s shown to me in the past few days, and even weeks. I feel like He was preparing me for this moment, and I understand.

Live your life in love.

It’s too short for anything else.



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  1. Live your life in love...wonderful words of wisdom for us all.


with love.